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Live life in a correct biologically, astrologically, and vedically manner for better tomorrow.

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Select the kind of puja and book pandit ji based on suggestions and requirements.

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Laxmi Puja

It is practiced to please the goddess of wealth, beauty, and love, Goddess Laxmi Ji.

Bhoomi Pujan

Before starting construction on any land, Mother earth is worshipped and offered prayers.

Yagopavit Sanskar

The holy thread tradition is famous mostly among Brahmins – Structure of the principles of Indian culture – taking an oath to lead disc...

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Kundli Making

Get your personalized handbook and know about yourself in detail.​

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Sanjeev Tiwari

Sanjeev Tiwari

Head Priest,

Being a teacher of Hindi and Sanskrit, Sanjeev Tiwari has a deep interest in being a priest and related services. He is a dual post-graduate and has experience of more than 25 years in his field. He couldn’t resist his love for Sanskrit & Hindi and had read a handful of books by heart. He is thankful for his elder uncle to support him throughout being a priest throughout his career. Mr. Tiwari has also trained many people who have now turned priests. He is well with all sorts of puja and loves to connect with people pursuing a career in related fields.

Anshu Agarwal

Head Astrologer,

A devotee of God and practitioner of Hinduism (Sanatan Dharma), Mrs. Anshu Agarwal is a homemaker, ex-businesswoman, and an astrologer with having experience of more than a decade. She is a post-graduate skilled professional and loves to do what she is best at, helping and counselling people with her astrological advice for betterment based on her studies and practices in the field of astrology and occult science.

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